Work discrimination?


So at my work, I dont really trust my manager but I had to tell him and I told him to keep it private, not sure if its bothering him cos he keeps saying "oh when are u telling the team?" But I don't want to, I rather people notice instead since I don't want anyone in my business. Anyways, so at work I have to carry a big bowl of fruits lets say about 15 oranges and 10 apples so you guys can imagine how heavy it is. I told him I'm not longer carrying it since its heavy and a hazard to walk around with that. He says I need a note to say that I cant carry heavy things, which doesn't make sense since he knows I'm pregnant. So I told him to tell the other team members that I'm having back pain and cant longer do it and then he says its not fair for the rest of them to do it for me. Not sure if he is being an asshole cos I'm prego or what.