Am I being too emotional?


Okay guys... So my husband and I got into a fight the other night. What started it was he started logging into my social media from HIS phone. I have nothing to hide, but I was upset that he went behind my back. (I got the email saying that my account was logged into from another device... His device) He then told me to delete Snapchat, to which I told him no.

He kept trying to "talk" after I said I didn't have anything to say. I was on my phone watching a cat video on FB and he snatched my phone away from me and refused to give it back.

Long story short it was because he didn't trust me. Which I have given him NO reason to distrust me. And he admitted that.

My feelings were hurt because when he finally "apologised" all he did was list what he did. Not apologising for what he said to me, how he made me feel, etc. Like I cried myself to sleep over the things he said and the next morning he didn't even acknowledge my existence. He just went to work... This has happened every few months since the start of our relationship (2 years), and each time he promises it won't happen again, and I believe him.

Am I overreacting? Or are my feelings valid?