Early pregnancy symptoms

I always said I would write a post about what my early signs of pregnancy were because I was trying for 15 months and was the girl that googled this term or search the forum every month.

The month I got pregnant I didn’t think it would happen because we had sex twice during the window and typically we do multiple times.

I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks and 3 days using a Walmart 88 cent pregnancy test. So use them, they work!

The only true symptom I had was nausea. I felt sick to my stomach for 2 days and thought maybe I was getting sick. My boobs weren’t anymore sore than before my period (and didn’t get really sore until about 6 weeks or so). I did have period like cramps until about 8 weeks and then they got less. Some of the cramps were pretty intense.

Hopefully this helps someone out! I know it’s not the best “list” of symptoms but I always had very unrealistic expectations of what my symptoms would be.