I feel like the worst person ever

Daniela • Mom of two👼 07/17/2019 / 09/30/2019 and my 🌈 11/05/2020

So my brother and his wife just announced everyone they are expecting a baby. They just find out and she is 5 weeks pregnant. I haven’t announce and i am waiting for my scan tomorrow since the US on Tuesday said my baby has low heart rate and a High chance of MC.

I love my brother, and I’m really happy for him but I just resent them at this time when i don’t know if tomorrow they will be telling me My pregnancy is not viable. And I couldn’t tell anyone because I would be ruining their happiness.

I feel like shit by been this selfish 😭😭😭

UPDATE: today my baby has no heartbeat. I decided not to tell anyone in my family so I don’t ruin the happiness. We knew the probability was very high and I really hope my brother’s baby is healtly!!