Positive hcg?


I took this at night, my period was due today. But I held it under my stream so maybe it’s a dye run? I will retest in the morning. But I’m kind of freaking out. Don’t want to alarm my hisbyunless absolutely sure 🤷‍♀️

Update: I am definitely prego!!!! I finally got a positive test on Friday, I’m guessing I’m about 5-6 weeks. This is going to be one crazy ride!


I am now a week late and decided to take a test (@8pm). It sat while I took a shower. I definitely see two lines, but now I’m spotting. So maybe it’s a chemical? I swear I took like 5-6 tests earlier in the week that were 100% negative.... god who knows 🤦‍♀️. I’ll test again in the morning. Here is the test from tonight, and then I inverted it for comparison (also why do countertops look SO dirty in close ups 😂) #embarrassing