Advice for potty training?


My daughter turned 2 on July 2nd. She’s shown a few “signs of readiness” for potty training. Such as hiding to have a bowel movement, and letting me know right away, pulling at dirty diapers... and I’m fully prepared that it might be way too soon for her! I’ve been using pull up diapers for her and she’s shown interest in wanting to sit on the potty, but not actually go in it! 😅

So today I decided I’m going to fully commit this weekend and see how it goes! This afternoon I bought a bunch of undies, and I have her wearing them now. She started peeing right outside the bathroom and she seemed shocked at the feeling with no diaper! She stopped peeing, I put her on the toilet right away, and she waited a few seconds then finished peeing! And she looked really excited about it!

What expectations should I have by Sunday night? Should she be telling me before she needs to pee most times? If I’m just taking her every so often without her asking and she’s actually using the toilet when I take her is that a good sign to continue? I know Sunday is only two days away but I don’t want to push her too much to do it if it’s not working, but I also don’t want to just quit if it’s going okay! I just don’t know what to expect. 😂

I’m pregnant with #2, not due until Jan, but want to get a jump start on this. 😋