I just gotta rant here...

So first off, thanks for letting me vent away here glow gang!

My husband and I have been ttc for about 6 months and it was found that he had low/poor quality sperm. Aside from stopping testosterone injections, we've been going to the gym, and taking some vitamins OTC to combat fatigue from low testosterone. This month we decided to baby dance every other day and just have fun again, HOWEVER. Hes into an online game right now and that's all that seems to be priority right now. I dont care that he plays, but he plays all hours of the night from the time he gets home, until 1 in the morning sometimes. I reaaaaaally enjoy being with him, but, when it's super late (or early am) I find it difficult to have intimate time since we're both exhausted!

Just now, I was coyly asking him about sex night, and grabbing on to his wrist (like...playfully and sensually) and he got perturbed and was like BABE STOP! So now here I am, brooding downstairs, trying to get over it because it's just a game, but I cant help but feel pissed/butthurt because he would rather mess around online with his single friends in a virtual world than spend time with me.

In addition to all of this, we've been going to a couples therapist just to strengthen our communication, and he rarely talks during it. And I feel like I'm the one doing all the communication, because when I shut my trap, we just sit there awkwardly after the therapist asks a question.

I dunno man. Sometimes I just want him to wake up and realize that I matter just as much as his hobbies.