Confused. Rant

Why did my boyfriend tell me he needs space but still talks to me everyday .. not full conversation but to see what im doing or where i am .. or to say good morning or he loves/misses me ... small talk... an argument lead up to him wanting space & he was ignoring me for a day , until i asked him why he was being so distant . Thats when he told me we needed some time from eachother ... i dont know im just really confused 🥵 .. its been 2 weeks since I’ve seen him and we’ve spent a year straight of being together everyday. So its been a long 2 weeks .. im scared that the space will create too much distance and he’ll be comfortable without me & he wont want to be with me anymore .. am i over thinking it? I have positive thoughts one moment ( at least he still makes an effort to talk to me ) and negative as well ( why doesnt he talk to me as much. Why isnt he asking to see me does he not miss me ) when we talk i dont over do it. I talk regularly and i dont force conversations. I have apologized because i was wrong in the argument .. and i have realized within these two weeks how much ive been nagging about even the smallest shit. I think i pushed him away. But i would bend over backwards for him and he knows that , i pray things get better over time. I really do 😩🙏🏽