Does this seem like a problem?

My SO has been drinking more often recently. He’s a marine, and honestly from what I’ve seen most of them drink a LOT. But when I met him, it was mostly on weekends, or maybe one night during the week when he went out for wings and beers with his friends. Even on the weekends, it was usually just some wine on a date night or a couple beers to unwind, I didn’t have a problem with that. He got diagnosed with celiac’s disease so he can’t have gluten, which is in most beers. So now he can have mixed drinks, or shots but obviously they’re a lot stronger than beer.

Anyway, I’m kind of worried about how much he’s drinking now. We live together now so maybe I just notice it more but this week I think there was only one day he didn’t drink. He doesn’t get drunk, so maybe it’s just to unwind - but I’m wondering why he needs alcohol so often to unwind these days. We had both taken a few months off from drinking, but he came home randomly one day and started drinking again so maybe he’s making up for lost time? Idk, but it doesn’t go we when I try to bring it up, and he’ll just say “it’s okay to have a drink to relax, I don’t drink that much”. Like he’s not drunk so that’s not what worries me, I guess what worries me is that maybe I make him need to drink more in order to be relaxed. Does this seem like a problem that needs to be addressed, or just a phase?