Working while pregnant ***** sucks

Is anyone else feeling this way?

I just have to vent this out. I work in a manufacturing facility as a technician specialist. It's a great paying job with great medical benefits but my boss is a total ass. My bosses boss is a total ass too.

I have already used all my sick day to care for my oldest and I'm out of PTO to take days off for myself.

I wake up at 3:30 am every morning and leave by 4:30 every morning to drive a 45 minute commute.

My coworkers are mostly vulgar nasty men who make inapropriate jokes that I have to roll with or I'm seen as a bad guy -- my boss doesn't care when I've brought these things up either.

The snacks there aren't healthy and I vomit every morning after I arrive due to morning sickness. Then I work (with a headache, nausea, and cramps) through loud noises, awful smells, and toxic chemicals/poor air quality all day long. Then my commute home is 1.5 hours because of traffic.

Once I get home I have to pick up my oldest, make dinner for the family, clean up, feed the cat, give my kid a bath and start the laundry.

Then my husband gets home and helps as much as possible -- sometimes we argue cause I'm stressed out -- not even his fault.

Working while pregnant fucking sucks. I feel miserable all fucking day and have zero energy to eat healthy or work out.

I wish America had better policies for pregnant women to be able to have PAID leave when they can't work. Or at least have extra sick days for morning sickness.

Anyone else feeling like this?