Shitty Situation (long post but desperately want advice!)

Nicole • Mommy to my handsome Theo,Damain and soon-to-be son💙 Wife to gorgeous Husband♥

This morning my 4 year old son (who has been potty trained for the past two years) told my husband who was on the toilet that he needed to poo and my husband said he is almost done. Then Theo (my son) went back to his room and I assumed he was getting dressed. Not even two mins later I walk past and see he had literally shit in his hand and just stood there holding it. Now I don't understand why he didn't tell my husband that is was coming out and why he kept quiet and just made an even bigger mess. Nothing has changed routine wise normally he would have told Legio (my husband) that it was urgent, this wasn't like him at all. I wasn't angry I was annoyed because he has never done anything like this and this whole thing isn't making any sense to me. We had to bath him this morning and I was frustrated as this feels like a back slide of some kind but I don't know what to make of it. Legio wasn't upset at all and was extremely patient with him I was just annoyed at the extra work I had to do now to get the kids and myself ready.

This whole scenario is bugging me so much, what could it be or am I overreacting and it was an oopsie?

He was in a traumatic event earlier this year but did go for counselling. (He lost his mom and sister in a fire and saw everything)