Is this normal in a relationship?


Last night I was on the phone with my boyfriend and I was in a lot of pain because of my genetic conditions and I started to cry and got really depressed. I told him that I can’t have children due to my genetic conditions and my body can’t handle carrying a baby. I started crying at this point because I was filled with emotions. He hung up and I tried calling him back and I told him “all I want is to have a family with you but you don’t even care” he said said I’m toxic, that he doesn’t care, and to deal reality by myself. He was screaming at me to never call him back and blamed me for his anger problem. Every fight, he screams at me and tells me to kms and just makes me feel awful. I have trauma from sexual abuse so I sometimes get scared when he’s angry because he threatens to hit me. Anyways after the fight he said he was blocking me then kept calling me. And said “we should break up.” Which he says almost everyday to guilt trip me so I can act submissive or something. He tells me I’m not submissive because I cry when im depressed or in pain and he doesn’t like it and says it’s annoying. Now he’s acting like everything is fine and says he loves me even though he said awful things once again.