How to make your Mans toes curl during sex 💋


SO I WANT TO HELP ANYONE WHO WANTS TO REALLY HAVE A BIG ORGASM... AND MAKE THERE MANS TOES CURL... 😍. Soo ladies I’m sharing some tips I have learned over the years with my BF we’ve been together for 7 years now and things are still very hot in the bedroom. When I want to have sex with him I try to get him as horny as possible before going on top of him (cowgirl position is one of our faves I cum better on top) soo it’s all about the teasing at first I’ll slide my hand down his pants and start working him up slow gentle strokes with a small turn as I’m going up and down, as I’m doing this I’m also half way laying on top of him doing circles with my tongue-on his neck and slowly licking up to his ear this gets him reallly Hard 😍 I’ll suck on his ear lobe and give him small love bites on his lobe , and also whisper some sexy things into his ear while doing all of this examples: ohhh I want you in me soo baddd, god this dick is sooo hard , I can’t wait to cum all over your cock, (keep it nasty men want to hear these things it makes them feel like THE MAN) lol. Now that you e got him allll hard and juicy it’s time to hop on the joystick ;) (Dont forget your protection which ever method your using heehee:) when you climb on top always stare into his eyes with that crazed horny dick hungry look they love that and put his dick inside of you and when you put it in,slowly sit down on it and moan with your eyes rolling back ( the harder he is the bigger your orgasm will be ), now as you thrust your hips against him to keep a good rhythm with it I will rock up and down and do small circles and moan in his ear talk a little dirty this will make you horny as well when you see how much he loves it NOW this is the biggest thing if you can’t tell when your man is about to cum , I’ve learned to focus my mind on his dick I will literally squeeze my vagina on his cock as much as I can ( this feels incredible on him he’ll love it) when your mind it focused on his cock inside of you you can kind of feel a small throbbing at the bottom of his shaft this is probably him pre cumming if you feel it a lot he’s about to cum , so when I feel that throbbing in my vagina from his dick I will slide off of it and whisper in his ear “mmm don’t cum yet baby this dick feels too good) wait a sec and then put it back in this will make him CRAZYY 🤤🤤in a good way this way the orgasm is building higher and then when you can’t hold it anymore say ohhh baby I’m about to cum fuck me harder and then he’ll start pounding you like crazy guys love to hear the word I’m cumming or about to cum during sex , sure enough you guys will cum at the same time and makes you feel even closer ;). Well that’s my tips for anyone who needs them or wants to try if you already know most of these don’t worry about commenting negative just scroll on this is for anyone who hasn’t tried and looking to spice things up with their partner.