Hooked up and now it’s awkward

I work at a restaurant and ended up hooking up a couple of times with this guy that works there. He ended up being a total asshole to me and I cut him off. He got super pissed and that was it. He’s been parading with another girl there she’s a waitress and I’m a bartender. I see him walking with her laughing and flirting and it makes me furious. So I went and added his best friend on Instagram again (I had deleted everyone of his friends on IG when he insulted me for breaking off with him). His friend always flirted with me but we just kept it friendly. I was like this is it I’m gonna make him jealous... yall...HE DENIED MY REQUEST. I’m done....I feel so fucking stupid. I should’ve never added him. He deff told his friend what I did and now I feel dumb af. What do I do?!? I haven’t talked to him in months.

Edit: forgot to mention we hooked up for 2 years. This is why I’m still not over it. We were FWB. I ended it abruptly and he became super pissed off and blocked me. We never spoke ever since because my pride didn’t let me since the way he spoke to me and he never talked to me probably because he felt stupid for talking to me like that. And then that was that. 😕