Boyfriend is being rude?

My man and I haven’t talked much today

He called me and the conversation was brief

Asked what our rent paper was about and asked me to read it to him.

I didn’t have much time, and I was in the middle of my makeup then I had to head to work, so I nicely told him that we can look over it after I get off work.

Him: “you really care about your makeup that damn much, you can’t stop it to read the paper to me?” Followed by a couple sentences a long those same lines after that.

-he usually is a snippy person and is naggy, so maybe I am being a drama queen like he said I was.

This has just kind of added up, and this comment made me mad. Why call me and immediately hop on my case about me getting ready for work. Not that he was commenting about that aspect, but just the snippy comment.

He doesn’t understand how he upset me. And he apologizes like “sorry that you took it personal and that you got offended”

“Sorry that you thought I was being rude”

Idk how to even explain. I’m just sooooooo frustrated and mad and maybe I’m being a drama queen? Idk but I just would’ve rather gotten the dream response...

“Oh okay love, that’s fine. When you have the chance can you send me a picture? If not I’ll look at it tonight”

But no. He basically snips and says I’m obsessed with my makeup “that damn much”

Idk guys help me. He’s making it seem like I’m a drama queen and that he didn’t mean to be rude at all.

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