What would you do?


So I’ve been friends with my best friend for probably about 7 years. She’s helped me through so much, been there when no one else has, been through some dark periods of my life, always had my back. Etc. Obviously we’ve had disagreements and annoyances in our friendship over the years. But the last few weeks I’m like idk. The other week she seriously was mad at me for not going out for her birthday because I had to work... I just started that job that week so I couldn’t really ask for a night off already. And she was like mad I work Saturday nights cause she wants to go out then. I don’t have a choice. Saturdays work best for my schedule and that’s when they asked me to work. So whatever we kind of got over that, hung out the next week and had a lot of fun. I’ve brought up to her how my boyfriend and I are going to start trying for baby #2 after summer. She has said much until today. She asked if were even ready for another one. Because it’s a lot of work with 2(she had 2) And asked if he was going to marry me if were having another and how she doesn’t think we should have another one until we get married??? And pretty much just saying we shouldn’t because it’s a lot more work than we realize and blah blah blah. I didn’t even respond to the message. Like no shit it’s going to be more work with two kids. I won’t fully get it until the next one but obviously it’s more work.. and like does she expect me to never have another kid just because it’s more work? We both take care of our first just fine literally never asked anyone to come help us when we were new parents. We figured it out on our own, just saying like we’re doing just fine.. We both work full time, have a house which is too small for a family but we plan on looking soon and moving, we’ve been together 6 years. Like I just don’t get why she thinks we shouldn’t have another baby? Or why it matters if we get married now or later? I feel like she doesn’t want me to have another because she still wants to go out all the time and I don’t really want to when I have more kids. Maybe I’m overreacting I just think it’s kind of shitty she’s being like this for no reason. Just not sure what to really do.