Not to be mean but is it just my boy that doesn't know how to open his mouth to breast feed at night after waking up?

It is always funny but also tiring at the same time.

My 3 weeks old wakes up at night hungry and I try to feed him but he won't open his mouth. He just keeps running his mouth on my nipple, and he gets so vigorous at it shaking his whole tiny head. Like why can't he figure out, he has to just open his mouth for the milk to floor... It is so funny watching sometimes I burst out laughing instead. Other times am bargain trying to convince him to open his mouth while I pull on his lower lip to open it up -forcefully- because he also stiffens up his jaws. Sometimes I have some luck m get his mouth open to stuff my nipple in there but it is never a good latch as his mouth is just slightly open. The miracle is we can go on like this for an hour and he is too sleepy to even cry. Not that I intend, sometimes am too sleepy to get him to try harder. The only way I get him to open his mouth is by making him cry so he wakes up a little more. Them I do by changing his diaper instead. Then he will drink well and sleep. But it can't be just my little boy who is this confused at night. You would think it is an instinct to open the mouth. Ps. At hospital, one his first day, he went 24 hours without a feed and I called for help that he wouldn't open his mouth. U should have seen my nurses try to latch him on. It was like they were pushing a broken down car with all the energy they had to use. Lol. They gave up and sent me a lactation nurse the next day. Told me he seems fine without eating and it is ok since he had only gone 18 hours.. they would wait till he is a day old to force him to eat. He was 11 pounds so they joked he had eaten enough in the womb n now doesn't want. Back then I thought he was too relaxed and lazy to eat. Now after 3 weeks, I think he is too sleepy he forgets how to use his mouth. It is the craziest thing. Everyone that watches us latch-fight is amazed.