Finally pregnant with TWINS after 10yrs!! 👶🏻👶🏻

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WOW! What a crazy wild ride this has been. We’ve been trying to conceive for over 10 years. We’re due January of 2020!!

**Sorry it’s long!**Here’s our story, I hope this gives strength to someone out there that needs it.

We started trying when I was 26. After a year of trying my Dr finally sent me for some basic tests. Had a hysterosalpingogram (fluid through the tubes to make sure they’re open). It was super painful, I remember laying on the cold table screaming in pain. I had to have my husband pick me up afterwards and take me home as I was sitting in my car shaking and couldn’t walk. But supposedly my tubes weren’t blocked. So the Dr suggested <a href="">IUI</a>. We did 3 or 4 rounds of <a href="">IUI</a>. During one round it was a different Dr and she was quite mean to me. I was wincing in pain and she yelled at me, something like if you can’t handle this don’t get pregnant. I burst into tears bit my lip through it and when it didn’t work I searched for a new Dr. That Dr has given up on me anyway. Said I was young (27 or 28 at the time) and it would happen I didn’t need to worry about it. They were sooo wrong!!

After 3 years (29 now) and 4 rounds of clomid we decided to go on vacation and take a break. We got pregnant!! Then had a miscarriage at ~5 wks. I was devastated! 4 months later we were going to start clomid again as we really wanted a child and all our friends were getting pregnant with no problems, but I wasn’t feeling good. I changed jobs, had some stressful family stuff and then by Thanksgiving/Christmas my hair was falling out in large clumps. Not a little bit, like LARGE clumps clogging the drain. To the point that within 2 months I was completely bald and Drs were struggling to figure it out. It was also accompanied by severe body aches and anxiety. I had to wear a wig to work. Turns out I had an autoimmune disorder. They were worried it was Lupus which has no cure but then decided it was Alopecia which also has no cure but there are treatment options that sometimes help. I took the steroid therapy for a year not fully realizing the long term implications. But I was one of the lucky ones that responded to treatment, only about 20% respond, and hair grew back and he pin subsided.

So at age 31 about 2 years after all that were were ready to try again (mind you I was never on birth control through all this but you can’t get pregnant on steroids). It still wasn’t working and I was having super painful periods. Like can’t walk on day one and sitting on the toilet screaming pain. My poor husband was so worried but I’m like you aren’t taking me to the ER I’ll push through. Stupid me!

After a year (I’m 32 now) and searching for another fertility Dr, I’m in a location where the closest ones are 2-3 hours away, I found one 3 hours away that was willing to help. The Dr 2 hours away didn’t seem interested in helping me, even told me it was all in my head. What!? The new Dr wanted to do a laparoscopy surgery to check my tubes and clean out any scar tissues b/c I was having such painful periods. Wanted to do that first before trying other things. Had the surgery and it definitely improved my quality of life!! So this is what a period was supposed to feel like. Almost a year after meeting her we finally started <a href="">IVF</a> drugs to make sure I was producing eggs from both sides as she thought one tube was blocked, but she couldn’t do the full <a href="">IVF</a> treatment so it was

<a href="">IVF</a> drugs with <a href="">IUI</a> procedure. Did 2 or 3 rounds and I couldn’t do it anymore. Her office was not prepared to truly handle someone in my situation and I had my local Dr office yelling at me about the fertility Dr nurse and vice versa. Here I was caught in the middle of it all, but I need help from both of you but your both fighting with each other. It seriously was a second job.

At this point we needed a break and we were both getting depressed with the situation.

Finally right before I turned 35 we found a really good Dr 3 hours away. We made several lifestyle changes and then started full fledged <a href="">IVF</a> in March of 2018. This Dr was REALLY good. He was blunt and honest but wanted to help us too. We got pregnant after the first round with a fresh embryo excellent quality and they froze 5 more embryos (retrieved 6 total; 3 excellent, 1 excellent-good, 2 good). Well at 11 wks exactly I had one bright red drop of blood, rushed to the Dr and here was no heartbeat. I had a missed-miscarriage. Baby quit growing at 9wks and a few days. We had to have a D&C b/c my body wouldn’t let go. It was AWFUL!!! Again we were devastated. But mildly hopeful that one day we could have a baby.

After the losses summer of 2018 (oh we also lost both of our geriatric cats we’d had since they were kittens within a few weeks of losing the baby) we decided all we could was push forward as we were closer than we’d ever been.

We had 2 more unsuccessful frozen embryo transfers (FET), late 2018 and early 2018. Then he tried the procedure and did it completely different this time (4th time, 3rd FET). I was on suppression shots for 2 months, then once everything looked good we did the transfer. This time we decided to transfer the 2 good embryos that were frozen on the same stick. This would also give us 2 chances in one round. It was about a week after my 37 bday when we did the transfer worked!!!! I recall after the transfer the Dr held my hand and said: it’s done, in God we trust. The Dr can do his part but only God can breath life into them.

We are now 12wks and 3 days pregnant with twins!!! I did intramuscular progesterone shots for 10 full weeks until we made it to the 12 wk mark.

At first Dr was worried about Baby B and said it was a vanishing twin and we’d lose it, but God and Baby B said nope. In one week Baby B has almost 2 weeks of growth. While we weren’t specifically trying for twins we are super happy and feel very blessed. I am “advanced maternal age” as they call it and might not have another chance to have a baby so we are grateful for this opportunity. Also being older we’re in a good place financially.

All this to say we are SO EXCITED! Our babies are a combination of science and prayers answered. We will tell them their amazing story when they’re old enough.

It took us almost 11 years to get here but we’ve learned so much along the way and we’re so grateful to finally be here. If you’re struggling, stay strong and find Drs that will support you. You are not alone! The struggle and depression is real, but you have to fight through it and never give up!

Wishing everyone out here baby dust and blessings!!!

Pics at 10wks