Breech Baby: Webster technique success!


I know this is almost a year late...but it might help someone! I went in to my Monday morning 38 week appt hoping for some progress, any progress. My dr checked me and said I wasnt dilated at all. He had noticed the week before that my baby had flipped from head down and was now breech. Usually babies will not turn after 36 weeks because they dont have enough room. He said they would need to schedule a c-section. Later that afternoon the hospital called and said they would see me Friday morning. The whole week before my appt I had been going to my chiropractor and having him do the Webster technique on me, which loosens the ligaments and gives baby more room to turn head down. Even my chiropractor wasnt super positive that it would work because it was so late in the game. After hearing from the hospital I kept going to the chiropractor every day hoping to not have a c section. 5 am Friday morning we checked into the hospital. They did the IV and we washed my body with the soap stuff and settled it to wait for my c-section time at 7. 15 minutes before I was scheduled to go to the OR I felt this huge wave of nausea and I could see and feel my belly roll. Even the nurse could see it. I said "wait, I need you to see if he is head down now! If I dont need a csection, I dont want one!" They said it was incredibly unlikely but that they would check anyway for my peace of mind. The on call doc came in with an ultrasound machine and said "hey that baby is head down, why are you doing a c-section?" I told him I wasnt anymore! My regular doc came and decided to induce me so he didnt flip again. But instead of inducing me then I had to be on an antibiotic IV for EIGHT HOURS because I was group B positive. So I sat there for 8 hours before they would do anything. After my antibiotics were done my dr was going to place some cervidil to soften my cervix since I hadn't been progressing at all but when he went to place it I was dilated to a 3 and he decided to just break my water instead. So at 3 o clock my water was broken, contractions started hard and fast, by 330 I asked for my epidural, and by 4 I was napping. I had to keep pushing the monitor down to keep the heartbeat in range which should have told me where the baby was but i didnt even think about it. 🤣 at 6:55 the nurse came to check me before shift change. Her exact words were "uh hey do you feel pressure like you need to push? Because you're at a 10 and I am touching baby's head! DO NOT PUSH OR SNEEZE OR ANYTHING IM GRABBING THE DR!!!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so the dr runs in throwing on the gown and gloves and sits down and says "oh this baby is practically here, just push." I asked him if I needed to wait for a contraction and he said "you can but I don't think you need it, I'm surprised he is still in there." So I shrugged and pushed ONE time and my sweet baby was there. No tips or tears or stitches! Moral of my birth story: if you have a breech baby it is possible for them to turn!!!

Alexander Shae

7 lbs 2 oz 20 inches long


Now 10 months and the chunkiest little sunshine!!