What to do if your husband feels uncomfortable with you breastfeeding in public?

At first he was so supportive, he even took the breastfeeding class with me while I was pregnant. Now our son is 4 months old and if we’re out in public and I didn’t bring a bottle, I nurse our son in the car or in a dressing room or whatever. I’m a very shy person myself so I don’t mind going away to go breastfeed. But sometimes there’s nowhere to go. So at the same time I don’t mind covering myself to feed my hungry baby, depending on who’s around. My husband is not okay with it EVEN IF IM COVERED. This makes me so upset because the way he tells me it’s that he doesn’t want me showing my nipples to everyone 🙄 or if the blanket falls off then what? I don’t know what to do. I basically told him if it makes him uncomfortable even when I’m covered then he has a twisted view on what breastfeeding is. And if hes going to act that way then every time we go out then he’s going to bottle feed the baby.