Pregnant after miscarriage


I’m currently 6 weeks 1 day pregnant and I go for my first scan at 7 weeks 1 day pregnant and I’m dying to tell the world we’ve only told like immediate family members but it’s hard to hind it not because I’m showing because I’m obviously not but because I’ve been sooooooo sick like the nausea is the worst it’s been with any of my pregnancies (this would be my fourth 1 live birth 2 miscarriages) like I am miserably sick and it’s hard because how do I explain why I’m so sick? Also we’re clearly not telling anyone til 13 weeks due to the circumstances but it’s hard. As well as I’m really scared what if we loose this baby. Like my last 2 miscarriages ended around 5-6 weeks and a baby never developed. We took a different approach to this pregnancy though I’m on 81mg of aspirin and progesterone suppositories twice a day and I’ve been on those since 7dpo when I got my first positive. I just hope this is our rainbow baby !