He’s here FINALLY 💙

Chelsey • Momma to a baby boy 💙👶🏻

Originally due on July 12th, but had a scheduled induction on the 13th. Labor was a rough experience but completely worth it in the end. Cayden Alexander entered the world July 14th at 1:56pm weighing 6lbs and 10.5 oz measuring 20 inches long. I’m completely in love with my little man and I’m beyond happy that he’s officially here 💙 I entered the hospital on the 13th, they gave me a pill to see if it would help me dilate more than 1cm, the next morning I was 100% effaced and 2cm dilated. They started me on Pitocin at 1:00 pm. It ended up making me

Nauseous so I ended up puking throughout labor and I ended up dilated extremely fast. I had all back labor so I was given the epidural but the epidural didn’t work on me at all. My body wasn’t numb from waist down my body was numb on one side only. I felt every single pain from labor to pushing this angel out. I ended up needing the oxygen mask because I came from 4cm dilated to 10cm in less than 15 minutes the pain was extreme 😩 my heart rate ended up dropping and the baby wasn’t tolerating it but luckily I was able to push this angel out naturally, I pushed for only 23 minutes and then my little man came 💙👶🏻 I wish everyone the best of luck on there little blessings, my life is complete !