boring sex 😡


okay y’all i need your help!!

a girl is BORED. my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 9 months and he’s the first guy i’ve ever slept with. my boyfriend is older than me and has slept with 15+ girls.

i used to enjoy it but then about 5 months in i got bored. it’s the same 2 positions. EVERYTIME. everytime i bring trying something up he says he’s already done it w his ex mia ( who really hurt him and left him for a girl) so idk if he just doesn’t want to think about it w her but idk im different.

he also never pleases me. tonight we were talking about oral and how it’s been a week since i gave him a blowjob and we literally can’t remember the last time he ate me out. i’ve even tried making deals and stuff and he just falls short on his end.

i don’t know what to do bc i do talk to him about things but i’m just bored. sex has turned painful for me and (TMI) but i’ve only ever had one good orgasm from him where i came all over the place and i’m bored.

any advice is appreciated!!!