Something is wrong with her but idk what 🤔

sunflower 🌻🐝 • 💖 4/30/13 💙06/25/14 💖1/2/16 💖8/14/19

My daughter is 6 years old and something is wrong but idk and she says nothing but she’s not herself. My daughter is always loud and playing and she’s just the life of the party but the last 2-3 days she made been out of it. She seems down I asked if she was getting sick and she said no. We had 2 early mornings where I went to work and we had to get up at 5am and I didn’t get off till 630pm which we don’t get home till a little after 7pm. so I’m thinking she’s just tired from that. But this isn’t like her to be down and tired all day.