Was I wrong to say something about how my best friend treats her daughter


Okay so my best friend of 4 years has a 3 year old daughter (she’ll be 4 next month). My best friend’s mom is mentally abusive to her & can sometimes take her anger out on her granddaughter ( they all live together) but you know how kids are innocent & don’t know the depths of situations so my friend’s daughter still adores her grandma like all grandchildren love their grandparents.

Yesterday my friend was doing her daughters hair, Kenzie(her daughter) was rushing her so she could go to the store with her grandma but her grandma ended up getting mad at my friend so she decided to leave Kenzie even though she knew she had her heart set on going with her all day.

Once my friend’s mom left Kenzie began crying or her grandma & asking her mom why she left her, like any normal toddler who gets disappointed. Well my friend started yelling at her saying “get the hell out of my room with all that damn crying” which made her cry even more. A few minutes go by & my friend tells me she’s scared that Kenzie will end up not liking her because she will end up blaming her mom for how her grandma treats her. So I asked her if I could be honest with her, she said yes so I told her “whenever your mom does stuff like that & Kenzie is crying, comfort her instead of shooing her away. She doesn’t understand the problems you & your mom have with each other, she was excited all day to go to the store with your mom but then she got left so of course she’s going to cry” my friend then called Kenzie over to give her a hug & Kenzie said no. My friend said “see bruh I tried she doesn’t want me to hug her” in my head I’m like no shit Sherlock you just yelled at her for her being sad. I just stayed quiet after that then my friend said she would call me back.

Now she hasn’t spoken to me in a while so I know she’s salty I said something but she’s my best friend so I feel like I can be honest with her but I guess not 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m just concerned for Kenzie’s mental health down the road, she doesn’t see that she’s acting just like her mom, being mean for no reason. Also this isn’t the first time she’s done this there are plenty times were she’s soo mean to her for almost no reason. I just couldn’t keep my mouth closed about it any longer.

What I want to know is do y’all think I should’ve kept my opinion to myself or was it good that said that to her?

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