Here we go again, ladies!

Shari • Mother of three living, and six angel babies.

For the fourth time this year, I'm pregnant. Looking forward to keeping this one!!

I've known for a couple of weeks, but still haven't gotten a positive test yet. Sadly. My tests don't usually come back positive until 8-10 weeks. Also sad is the fact that, after 9 pregnancies and 3 live births, my uterus done started popping out already! That gets earlier each time. Doesn't help with my trying to be low-key about this! In fact, the clothes I wore just fine last week are a bit snug this week. In none of my other pregnancies have I ever gotten past three months without looking full term...not even the first ones. The good news is that I feel better at the start of this one than I did with the three miscarriages. I haven't had tons of weird bleeding this time (with the exception of the fact that I bled quite a bit for the week of and after ovulation, which was really odd for me). Wish me luck!

****UPDATE*** I got my positive at 17 days late...6 weeks pregnant!