Yoga influencer on Instagram


I follow a former classmate of mine on Instagram. She used to be a fashion stylist but then she went for a 2 week yoga training retreat thing and decided to become a yoga instructor. She frequently posts about self love and positivity. However, she posted a rant once about how men In her age group are not good enough and balding etc. I mean I know women complain about this a lot but it was a bit shocking to hear it from an “influencer”. We teach body positivity to women and i don’t see why men need to be put down for something they can’t control! This was a while ago and now I really wish I had said something but I’m not a confrontational person as such. It just irks me that people cherry pick the glamorous aspects of yoga for Instagram and chuck out the spiritual ones that come with it.

What irks me is that she also once posted a rant about having to spend time in an “uncool” part of town while sourcing some material for her styling business. I mean, I get it, it’s not the hippest part of town but perhaps you should remind yourself that the only reason you get to post pictures of your yoga poses on the patio of your house in a glam part of town with a stunning view, is because you live with your rich parents!! I sound like a bitter old maid but it just grinds my gears.