Moms please help w baby Q

Alyssa • ♡Boy mama to River♡

My 5 week old is a pretty good baby. He just still gets really fussy when he is trying to poop. His poop is normal for a breastfed baby, mustard and runny. I do bicycles&rub belly to help but he still cries when pooping. I already give him gas drops. Sometimes I hear his belly bubbling. If I even drink I pump&dump and if I have caffeine I wait at least to hours to pump. Could it be my diet? I eat pretty alright, I do eat a lot of broccoli so I'm not sure if that effect anything. I dont see any signs of a milk allergy. Considering trying formula for a few days to see how it goes but I'm not sure. I heard the iron in it will possibly make it worse..

Could it possibly be he is just still learning how to use those muscles to poop? I'll probably email his pediatrician the same thing, just want to hear from other mamas.

I also want to add he hasnt been burping as much in the past few days and puking up more frequently