My baby girl❤️ is here... Quick and easy 2nd baby


Hello all,

So my due date was 07/18. I was waiting for my baby so badly and I was told I will be having a big baby ( my first daughter was 6 lbs and 9 oz). So I chose to get induced on 07/16. But my daughter wanted to come on her own it seemed 😃. On 07/13, very early morning at 1.45 AM I woke up with small cramping and I thought those were normal cramps as due date was near. But they were not stopping at all. So I started to time them in the contraction app and they were 7 min apart. I called the hospital and they said to take a shower and relax. If they don’t go away, they wanted me to come. I took a shower around 3.30. After that, contractions started to come more intense and quickly. So we headed to the hospital and reached around 4.30 AM. I was admitted to the triage and the nurse checked me and said I was 2 cm and also said I can get epidural only after I would be 4 cm. I was in a lot of pain and thought it will take forever to get to 4 cm. After 30 min, the nurse came and checked me and I was 5-6 cm😳. I walked to the labor room immediately and asked for epidural and got one immediately all in 15 min. Immediately I told nurse I was feeling pressure and she checked at said I was 9 cm. This was around 7 AM. But they wanted me to wait for pushing as my water didn’t break. So we waited for one and half an hour for that. Finally midwife decided to break the water manually. When she did, I couldn’t control my urge soon. I told my nurse that I can’t stop and immediately room was surrounded by people as midwife saw meconium in my water when she broke them. Finally around 8.45 I started to push and only after 15 min of pushing, she was born. My beautiful daughter “Yashasree” born at 9.01 AM weighing exactly 9 pounds and 20.5 inches long.