Nervous 😬

Update: IM PREGNANT 💖💖

So I spotted two days ago and I’m 2 days late for my period. I’ve been tracking since January and I’ve always been on time or a few days early. My boobs were really sore and my nipples are just slightly sore but not really as bad as they were. I was having light cramps, but I haven’t had them the past two days. I’m nervous to take a pregnancy test because I don’t want to see a negative 😭

What do y’all think the chances are?

Also, my best friend just told me this morning she’s pregnant and I’m so happy for her! But I just keep wanting to cry. I know God’s timing will be perfect though.

Alsooo I’m so moody, I got dinner last night and hated the food that I got and cried 😂😂