Does it seem suspicious to you?

I apologize in advance if this is long...

Okay so recently my bf has been working really late. He says that he volunteers to go help co-workers after he is done with his stuff. He is a delivery driver so I never thought different. When talking to my mom today, I mentioned that he didn’t get home till 9:30 last night because he helps co-workers (when he helps people he usually gets home at about 7 or 8 the latest. But you never know, yesterday could have been different). Anyways, when I told her that she made a comment along the lines of “mmhm I’m sure he’s helping someone”.

Idk why but she’s never really trusted him, and she has known him longer (she used to work with him)

So then I started thinking about things deeper, which I’m sure seems crazy but whatever. I have realized that ever since him needing to help people, he has been sleeping with his phone on his side of the bed.

Lemme draw this out for you. His bed is in a corner so his side is against the wall. My side is on the edge where the charger is so he used to have his phone on my side of the bed kind of tucked under my pillow because he doesn’t have a night stand 🙄🙄

He claims that it’s because he “can’t hear is alarm” which has NEVER been a problem before and he always wakes up to it. Or if I feel/hear it, I give it to him.

Okay there’s more.. so this morning I made a comment saying “wow you’re so hot, I’m sure all the girls hit on you at work” I didn’t mean it in a psycho crazy way, I meant it as in if I were one of those girls I would. Even at his old job (we worked together for a little) girls would hit on him right in front of me so it’s nothing new to this relationship. He replied with “haha you mean all the men? I don’t even think there are girls”

But I distinctly remember a text message to a person with the contact name “Ashley ups”. Saying “I’m here”. I didn’t think anything of it because he has a bunch of other names following “ups” saying “I’m here”. But it’s just weird how he made that comment of “I don’t think there are any girls” when if he helped this Ashley girl then he would KNOW that there is a girl..?

Idk. Weird. I never read into this until my mom said something. I still really don’t think anything is wrong here but I just wanna know if it seems suspicious to others.

*** EDIT: I also want to mention that a little bit ago I texted him asking if he could just come home instead of helping co-workers today cause we have a lot to do but he texted back saying “it’s a little too late for that”

Which I thought was odd because he NEVER texts me back while he’s at work because he’s always delivering.