Weight gain second pregnancy


I really hope I don’t get shamed for this but it’s something that’s bothering me so bad.. before I got pregnant with my daughter I was about 165lbs I never have been super tiny and I’ve been okay with that but with her I gained ALOT of weight the day of my scheduled c section I weighed in at 290lbs on 7-9-2015.. finally after almost 4 years I had gotten the weight off in the picture on the right i had gotten down to 225lbs this was taken about 3 months ago or so.. well literally I couple weeks after I had taken then photo on the right i missed my period and found out I was pregnant.. at my very first appointment to get my proof of pregnancy they weighed me in at 225lbs here I am currently on the left at 8 weeks and 4 days weighing in at 245 😓😓 I’m so scared to gain a bunch of weight back from this pregnancy to the point to where I’m not really eating like I should does that make me a bad mom?? Or am I just super self conscious