OCD meds

Does anyone here have OCD? I’m not talking with just the little things. I deep clean my house every night. It’s ruining my relationship. I can’t stay out past 7pm cause I need to get home and clean before bedtime. I have two children, 5 and a 9 month old who are constantly making messes and spilling things. I get so mad at them but I know it’s normal and they’re just kids. Tonight, we stayed out pretty late with the kids at a concert and now I’m downstairs bawling cause my boyfriend told me to just go lay down and tells me I need to get help. My house is probably spotless to a “normal” person but too me itsnot and it’s eating me up I didn’t clean it. So now I’m waiting for him to fall asleep so I can go and start cleaning. I also have to triple check doors to make sure they’re locked. It’s insane and I can’t keep doing it. Has any meds ever worked for anyone? I won’t do therapy so that’s out of the question.