Mom needs sleep!


.. and baby too. Is anyone dealing with their 6 month old waking up screaming 4-5 times at night? This has been going on for the past two weeks now. We ruled out teething, because even on days where it’s bad and we medicate with Tylenol he still wakes the same amount. I do nurse him at least one, or two of those wake ups but I don’t want that becoming a bad habit or a crutch to get him back to sleep. Some of these times I can just pop his paci, and he’s content back to sleep only to wake an hour later. Hubby and I have been reading into this and it seems like separation anxiety. This happens for naps as well as he only sleeps three naps a day, and wakes up screaming after 30 minutes. If anyone can relate, or has some tips to get through this please it would be appreciated!