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Anyone else had enough of pregnancy now?

The pain is CONSTANT.

It even wakes me through the night!

Getting out of bed in the morning or through the night.... I have to psych myself up. Throw myself out the bed as quick as possible to keep the pain as minimal as I possibly can but it’s so bad I just want to punch the wall once I’m up! (I have a super high pain tolerance too which is the worst thing... gave birth 3 times with just gas and air one of which was a pitocin induced labour which was up as high as it would go from get go.... and one labour with not even paracetamol)

Sitting on the couch.... getting up from there I’m the exact same!

I dread... absolutely DREAD going to bed or trying to relax.

‘Relaxing’ bath is the exact same!

Babys movements have been so strong she has left me with visible bruising on my stomach.....


Really don’t know how much more of this I can take!

See my midwife in 3 days. Gonna request they induce me as I can’t take my usual pain killers. (Tramadol)

35 days left till baby is due now....

she’s measuring on 90th percentile. So she is a super good weight.

And also have extra fluid.