Still pregnant


Just need to vent.. I love carrying my sweet baby. Am I ready to give birth? Yes. BUT I'm sick of people saying such negative things. Like how long will your doctor let you keep the baby in there? And you look so miserable.

I'm not even past her due date yet. When my husband announced our possible induction date, if we have to go that route, my MIL had the nerve to tell me that date did not work for her. Thank goodness my husband is an angel and took care if that.

We also have several family members with birthdays this week. And I've been asked to do handstands and to keep my legs crossed for their day.

I just want to be left alone. I realize I'm being cranky. Just needed to vent. I'm still working, and I get stopped no joke 30 + times a day asking why I'm still pregnant. I keep my phone on silent now too bc it's going off constantly.

Thank you just letting me get all that out. LOL