Hard time leaving babe still...

Lisa • Mommy to miss Penny Lane🎼💗🌹 8/4/18 and to two fur babies Link🐾 and Logan😸

Anyone else?

I know it’s normal, but bring a SAHM, I’m with her ALL the time. I just have such a hard time leaving her!😭Even if it’s to go to the store for an hour haha. I know a lot of moms would kill for breaks, and lord knows I need them for my sanity, but I still have such a hard time doing it!

My hubby and I have had maybe 3 dates since she was born almost a year ago, and none of them have gone well cause I’m a worrying mess😂 I’m sure part of it is I’m a type A control freak most of the time, so I have a hard time

letting someone watch her and “letting go”.

Just seeing if anyone else is still feeling this way too. I know it’s likely also still hormones(I weaned about 3 months ago now), but I also just love her! Every time my mom is like I’ll come watch her so you can have a break, I’m like noooo I don’t want a break🤷🏻‍♀️

I mean, look at this thing!