Here, have a laugh! 3 y/o are brutal!!!

So my husband, daughter (4 next month), and i are walking through academy so i could get some new shoes and sports bras... I’m 38 weeks this week and had a lot of pressure today so i said okay let’s do some walking! Well, with the pressure i couldn’t tell that i was gassy.. i ended up farting super loud... my husband and i look at each other and we’re like oops time to move along. My 3 y/o asks me then if i farted. I end up laughing instead of answering her question. This pushes her to yell out not once but TWICE that “eww mama farted!!” Like, people heard her! 🤦🏼‍♀️ my husband and i are now laughing so hard i completely pee myself! Fml! All i have on is a tiny ass little panty liner so basically nothing is caught! We decide it’s time to go, we’re done, screw the shoes and bras, we’re out!! I’m headed to my car and husband is checking out.. I’m holding my shirt down to hide my wet pants and then it’s as if nothing ever happened to my daughter... she calmly asks if she can have cereal when we get home!! I have never peed myself in public before so most of the laughing was out of sheer embarrassment! 😂 i guess my point here is daughters are traitors that will embarrass the hell out of you without second thought, your bladder sucks worse with each pregnancy, and you can piss yourself without feeling like you have to go!! 😂😂😂