I took Misoprostol for MMC


Last Thursday my midwife confirmed I had a missed miscarriage. I should’ve been 10 weeks, but baby only measured 6. I had zero bleeding. I had a MMC 2 years ago and opted for a D&C which was very easy. I was a bit concerned that having another D&C could cause some scar tissue, so I decided to try the medicine this time.

I took misoprostol yesterday (Saturday). I read about other people’s experiences online and I was expecting the worst, but my experience was good.

I took Tylenol 1000mg at 10:30 am, then Misoprostol 800mg vaginally at 11:15 and laid down in bed. I was expecting it to start quickly, but I ended up watching a whole movie and had no symptoms. I finally started getting some mild back cramps at almost 3pm, light bleeding started around 4pm and then I started bleeding heavy and passing clots from about 5:30-9:30pm. I passed 5-6 golf ball sized clots. It didn’t hurt, but it was the worse part of the whole experience - feeling them pass and fall into the toilet made me cry.

I was afraid it’d be painful so I also took ibuprofen 600mg at 2pm, Tylenol 1000mg at 4:30 and ibuprofen 600mg at 8pm.

I went to sleep around 10 and today am just lightly bleeding. No cramps. I have to have a follow-up ultrasound this week to make sure I passed everything 🤞🏼