Gestational diabetes

Ivy • 19 💕 Mommy of Anastasia 💗👣 Due with #2 • Feb. 6 2020 💖

Anyone else doctors act like they don’t care or just don’t listen?

I’m 11 weeks 3 days

I had gestational diabetes with my first so I know very well how those sugar episodes feel when it’s too high

I’ve been telling and telling my doctors over and over that I’m having the same episodes but early in this pregnancy

And they just won’t listen

One doctor said it’s not possible to have it this early which I know is beyond false

I can eat 3 chicken tenders with ketchup and a half of a coke that’s it’s and an hour later I’ll check my blood sugar and it’ll be 154 or more.

Please tell me I’m not going crazy lol

I’ve had to sit down on the floor of the grocery store so many times because of how dizzy and blurry visioned it gets.