Vision pulsing


Hi ladies,

I have a question for you guys, I don’t know if this has to do with my period because its been happening at least a day or two before I started my cycle. I’ve been getting very weird pulsing sensations in my vision. It’s a hard feeling to explain but the best I can do is random sensations when I’m walking around, it’s like my vision pulses. It doesn’t last long only a few seconds but it happens sporadically, especially when I’m walking around and doing stuff. I’m also very aware of the sensation, so, I don’t know if it’s just me overthinking it and basically causing it to myself, kind of like a placebo effect. Also, I do suffer from anxiety and wasn’t able to refill my prescription before going on vacation, so maybe it’s that and my anxiety overreacting.

Another thing to fill you in, before my current period, I didn’t get my period for two months straight and the most I would get would be spotting for about two weeks. This time when I got my period, the first two days were normal and now on my third, it’s been hell. I’ve never been one to have a crazy heavy flow, but today I woke up with a lot of cramps, they’ve been present all day. Also, my flow is so heavy that I’ve had to change my tampon every 2/3 hours. Maybe that can go in hand with the pulsing vision? Idk. If any of you ladies have experienced this, I’d love to get you opinions on it. Thanks!