My half sister part 11



I sat on the sofa staring intently at the whisky in my hand that I had poured myself and had now been glaring at for nearly an hour. I couldn't stop thinking about Sarah she had looked absolutely stunning at the party. Her beautiful snow white gown her shimmering make up and subtle sparkles made her truly other worldly. And when she kissed me it wasn't anything but it was seared into my brain. I had been trying to be her brother trying to just have fun and ignore the fact that I loved her, but it was that simple a swift peck on my lips and here I was a wreck sitting here agonising for hours about what a kiss meant. I sighed and put the whisky down pushing myself to my feet still not sure what I was going to do I walked to Sarah's door and knocked she opened the door quickly dressed in just a silky dressing gown her hair loose and tousled cutely, she was honest now she was real, she smiled when she saw me and bit her lip.

"hey Juliet I've been out here for an hour trying to decide if you want me to knock on your door or not." she frowned,

"your supposed to be smart"

"who told you that" I smiled,

"okay you want me to be a bit more obvious,"

"babes I know how we feel but I don't know what you want to do about it. I know what we should do but... Fuck I"

"Chris," she cut me off "I just to clarify do you want me?"

I bit my lip I don't know why I was so shy to say it,"of course I do"

"okay let me clarify," she said pulling the tie on her robe and shrugged her shoulders a little causing the robe to slide off her shoulders and pool on the floor. She stood in front of me wearing a beautiful set of snow white underwear biting her lips nervoudly as she blushed bright red.

"clearer?" she asked quietly, I tried to keep the smile off my face,

"still a little foggy if you take off your bra I'm sure It'll be clearer." she smiled still blushing,

"come in and I'll take off my bra or rather you will." I was drawn into the room as if by a magnet powerless to deny this girl anything, but I didn't want to stop, I wanted this I wanted her and I was tired of pretending that I didn't.

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