Wrist problem.

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Am posting this before I go to the doctors:

So I was doing normal non strenuous jobs today, everything was fine but then my wrist started feeling heavy, grinding and making snapping noises (which is no surprise as I don’t even dairy.)

But the thing is it was hurting; it’s wasn’t exactly painful, more of a discomfort and tightened as I can’t move it that well.

It’s is my right hand, it’s stiff and I am finding it hard to do normal activities.

I use my right hand to write, though I am ambidextrous. I use my left hand for everything else besides writing therefore there would be less chance of me damaging it.

Plus, I would know if I have. I have had this pain for 2 days now. I decided to lean my hand forward, like a zombie, it starts tingling. Tingling is associated with nerve damage and I am not doctor.

Does anybody have any ideas on what it may be.

As I said I am off to the doctor in a few days but wanted to do some research before hand.

Ps: I am quite skinny so it will not be an obesity issue x