Keeping it secret

Am I a bad mom for wanting to keep #3 a secret from my in laws? Every time I’ve been pregnant they find some way to spoil it.

1st birth- they kept my son from me for over an hour right after he was born. I hadn’t even held him yet. When I mentioned I wanted to hold him they ignored me.

2nd birth- we wanted my oldest to meet his brother before everyone else did. Didn’t even tell anyone we him until well over an hour. Hubby’s stepmom and dad refused to come see him. The next day they showed up separately and his step mom told me we were a disappointment to the family and stayed long enough for a Facebook picture. Keep in mind, we told them beforehand that was how the birth was gonna go.

Throughout both pregnancies, the step mom would constantly tell the family it wasn’t my hubbys and I was a whore. Then make Facebook posts about how she’s excited and the best gma blah blah blah.

I don’t wanna tell his family. I want one pregnancy to go drama free. Is that so bad?