Update: please god don’t let me have another miscarriage


Update: it is confirmed that I had a miscarriage there was no baby when we did the ultra sound today.

I am just here to pray to god that I do not have another miscarriage! I am 7 weeks pregnant and started to bleed. I have had a previous miscarriage and it has taken me and my husband 5+ years to get pregnant again. I went to the hospital and they were able to see the baby and pulse. It has been 3 days since then and I am still bleeding on and off :( please god I am begging you to please be with me and my baby as I don’t know how I will be able to handle another miscarriage. I’m trying to stay positive but I am really scared. I have been praying and praying! I am starting to have more and more cramps as time goes on and today I am bleeding more then I have I’m just so sad and scared. I am not bleeding enough to bleed through a pad but when I pee a lot of blood does fall into the toilet. I seriously don’t think I will be able to go on with life if I end up losing this baby.