Can’t deal


So I’m 29 weeks today and have gained a grand total of 10 lbs in this pregnancy (thanks to a very sick first 15 weeks). Today... I have reached my breaking point. Why do people feel the need to comment on how big a pregnant woman is?! I’ve had so many tell me wow! You’re getting huge. In the same day another mom will tell me how small I am compared to when they were that far along.

Then there is family who really has no filter, but needs one the most. Today, my MIL told me I’m “getting out there” and said “Not to sound mean but...” (I knew to brace myself for this one) “you are gaining all over your body. I can tell. Like, especially in your face. It’s getting so round!” 😑 This isn’t the first time she’s made comments but this one went the farthest. My SIL is 8 weeks ahead of me and she gets it too. The last text she got from our MIL was “‘ole chubs.” We’ve ranted to each other and want our husbands, her sons, to say something. Now in my husbands defense, today he immediately walked across the room and said “You mean she’s glowing all over? Her face is glowing?” He is always very supportive and tells me he thinks I’m a beautiful momma but I mean come on! How much can you take from a family member? On top of all that, my dad regularly tells me I’m “big n round” and yesterday called me a “pot bellied pig.” So yeah.... I thought I felt good about myself but now....