Idk how to kiss right😭 helppp

So I’m 15 and i jus had my first kiss recently w my boyfriend. We kissed at the movies, let’s just say it wasn’t that good. I know 90% of first kisses aren’t good, but I didn’t realize it’d be that bad. It jus wasn’t what I imagined it to be. We didn’t lock lips, so our lips were just there, touching, for like 8 seconds LMAO. 🥴 And I tried to pull back and go in again, and when I did that we locked lips, but we weren’t in sync with moving away & coming back in for the kiss. If that even makes sense. My bf really liked the kiss, and I wish we could get better so I could enjoy it too. We went to the mall yesterday and he wanted to kiss again, which I wasn’t rly comfortable w bc I don’t like how public that is, but we tried and it was more of the same. But maybe even worse😭 and it was awkward bc now Im closer and more comfortable around him, and i can’t act like i like something when i don’t. So it’s awkward as hell. In movies, which I know aren’t all that accurate, there’s more movement in the lips when actors kiss & they’re in sync with their partner when they pull back/go back in. The movement may have something to do with french kissing, which im not ready for yet lmao but how do I get better at jus kissing, how can I help my bf too, and how do we get more in sync w eachother so we can both enjoy it. pls help💀