Need positive vibes ladies... can you help? Harvesting might be Wednesday (IVF) 42 years old xx

Claire • Our BFP ended up miscarrying in May 21. Had chemical in July 21. Can’t believe we are in our 3rd trimester growing our miracle baby. Need lots of prayers still. This is our 9th transfer🤞💞TTC baby #1 for just over 9 years! 💞🇬🇧 ...

Last February (<a href="">IVF</a>) I only had two follicles with 2 mature eggs. These eggs did not fertilise. Very sad time 😔

This time I’ve got 6 follicles with two more potentially making 8, if they grow a little more. I realise these eggs may not fertilise too but even by increasing my chances by x3 this time round, I can’t help but think negatively... protecting myself from disappointment I suppose.

I need positive stories to read if possible.

My FSH is 11 (too high really) and AMH is 5 (too low really) Thyroid is now spot on.

Have another scan tomorrow morning and harvest date will be confirmed

I look forward to hearing from you

Thankyou in advance 💞