Experience with letrozole?

Rachel • 🤵💍👰🏿 6/30/18▫️💔👼🏽 10/23/19 🙏🏿 🌈▫️🐶 Dog Mom 🐾

I’m hoping to gain a little more insight into my journey ahead. As for a little more background on myself I’m 36 and my husband is 43. We have been married for a little over 1 year. TTC our first. I have PCOS and fibroid. Our fertility doctor has diagnosed me with anovulatory infertility. My husband’s workup was all normal.

Our doctor wants to proceed with letrozole and tigger shot and timed intercourse first for 3 cycles If that’s unsuccessful then letrozole/trigger shot and <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> for 3 cycles. And if that’s still unsuccessful onto <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>.

We haven’t started yet, he’s waiting for my next menses to start. He plans on starting me on a dose of 2.5 mg of the letrozole. I was wondering for who have taken it was it more successful the higher the dose? What have others experiences been? I’m just thinking from a cost perspective the fewer potential cycles I would have to go through the better. Regardless my husband and I will do what we need to do.