Any tips..?

Hey everyone so my gbf of 2 years had recently expressed to me his bi-curiousness and was asking if I’d try shit with him. So since late June we have hooked up like 4 times and we constantly cuddle and hold hands. The dynamic is strange because we can’t always cuddle with each other because not everyone knows. Nothing has been said about what this is with him either. He says he’s unsure of what he is feeling and I respect his thought process so I try not to pry. Even before this, him and I would be on the phone every day for atleast a total of 2 hours and we’re always kinda flirty with each other but we didn’t really see it until this situation came up. He’s pretty new to sex in all areas so like yeah. I’m his first girl and he’s had sex with a guy before but only once. He enjoys it but he says he’s not attracted to women but I struggle to understand what’s making him hard when we cuddle. He says “it’s a nice feeling” and I agree and am okay with shit being casual but I’ve had feelings for him for a while and it’s driving me a little coocoo. How should I manage this situation? He’s got a big ego but he’s also got his soft side he shows to me and literally no one else.